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Safety Tips for Surfing The Internet

Thursday, January 17, 2013

People Your Child Meets On The Internet Are Strangers

Remind your child that people she meets on the Internet are strangers. Just as she should not give out her address, her telephone number, her name, the location of her school, or any other information to a stranger, she should not give out personal information to people she meets on the Internet.

Talk With Your Child About What He Sees and Does On The Internet

Encourage your child to talk to you right away about anything on the Internet that makes him feel uncomfortable.

Ask Your Child About The People She Meets On The Internet

Make sure that your child talks to you directly about anyone she has met on the Internet who wants to meet her in person.

Meeting “Friends” From The Internet In Person Requires Adult Supervision

Establish a firm rule that your child may not go to meet someone he met on the Internet unless a parent or other responsible adult goes with him.

E-Mailing Personal Information Should Be Done Only With Permission

Explain to your child that it is not safe to e-mail pictures of herself or any other personal information without first checking with you. Let her know that just as it is important that you know who her friends are and what she does with her friends, it is important that she talks with you before beginning an e-mail friendship with a new person.

Have Frequent Discussions With Your Child About Conversations and Messages He Receives Through The Internet

Encourage your child to talk to you about any messages that are mean or make him feel uncomfortable. Reassure your child that he is not to blame if he gets a message of that kind. Urge him to confide in you, reminding him that you are on his team.

Set Clear House Rules About Internet Use

As with all media, set limits on Internet use. Be clear about your rules and expectations, and let your child know that you want her to enjoy the Internet for the wonderful resource it is. Emphasize that the guidelines you have set up will enable her to enjoy the Internet safely.
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