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First Aid Tips for Summer Mishaps

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, but with this comes potential injury. Don’t let a bite, bruise, or burn spoil your child’s fun. Prevention is key, but mishaps still happen, so stock your first aid kit.

Bites/Stings: Use an insect repellent with 10% DEET to prevent mosquito bites that may transmit West Nile Virus. Avoid being outdoors at dusk and dawn. If bitten, use anti-itch cream. Bees commonly leave their stinger behind. Remove it by “scraping” it away, then wash the area with soap and water and apply an ice pack. If your child has trouble breathing, swelling of the face or tongue, fainting, or signs of infection after any bite or sting, seek immediate medical care.

Wounds: Apply pressure with a cloth or bandage until the bleeding stops. Wash the area with water, and apply an antibiotic cream and bandage. If the wound is gaping, bleeding will not stop, or appears infected, seek medical assistance immediately.

Sunburns: With every sunburn, your child’s lifetime risk of skin cancer increases. Prevention includes frequent, liberal use of sunscreen (SPF 15 or greater), clothing, sunglasses, and a hat. Sunburn causes pain, redness, and blistering. For severe pain and blisters, consult your health care provider.

Bruises: A bicycle helmet and other protective equipment should be worn whenever participating in activities on wheels. Bumps and bruises are common and most require nothing more than a hug and an ice pack. If your child loses consciousness, has severe pain, swelling, or inability to move a body part, seek immediate medical care.

Additionally, keep your child safe from gun-related injury by NEVER having a gun in the home. If you own a gun, keep it locked up and unloaded. Secure bullets in a separate location, and hide the keys. Have a fun, safe summer.

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