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The Proactive Approach-Staying On Track

2015 has arrived and New Year’s resolutions are in full swing.  The gyms are packed, the produce is picked over, and everyone is sporting new workout gear!

In your family’s quest for health and wellness have you considered proactive approaches to healthcare, or do you only think of your pediatrician when your child has an ear infection or sore throat?

Northpoint Pediatrics can help you keep your kids healthy and on the wellness track.

  • Preventative Well Child Exams
  • Asthma Action Plan Visits
  • Skin and Acne Treatment
  • Baseline Impact Testing for your Athletes
  • Sports Physicals for your Athletes
  • ADD and ADHD Treatment
  • Lactation Services for Newborns
As you look to get your kids health and wellness on track for 2015, begin by scheduling an appointment with Northpoint Pediatrics.  

Step up to the starting line of change!

Northpoint Pediatrics is Currently Accepting New Patients.  Call 317-621-9000 today for more information or REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT ON LINE

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