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Capturing memories of your new baby

Few things in life are as precious as those first few days with your new baby. These hours are just as special with your first child as they are with your fourth. There’s nothing quite like getting to know this new member of your family.

These newborn days are also fleeting. It’s amazing how quickly our children go from being tiny little things to wide-eyed babies soaking in the world around them. One of our favorite things at Northpoint Pediatrics is meeting your new baby. It's always a special moment. Over the years we’ve seen some great ways of capturing the memories of a newborn baby and we’d love to share them with you.

Photos with newborn baby

First days

You’ll likely have an opportunity to have professional photos taken before you leave the hospital, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan to take your own pictures. Some of your time in the hospital will be some of the quietest time you and your child get for bonding.
  • Take pictures of these first hours and days.
  • Journal about your thoughts and dreams before you get home. 
  • Bring a special blanket or outfit for the trip home and make sure you set it aside to save as a memento

Family pictures

Whether your newborn is a younger sibling or the first grandchild, there will likely be a lot of family eager to meet your baby. Take some time to document these first visits and you’ll never regret it. A quick snapshot of your baby meeting his grandma. A video of your older children counting the fingers and toes of their new sister. A picture of a new set of generations - all of these make priceless memories for the future. Your smart phone probably has all the apps you need to capture these moments and there are a number of websites available to help you take those moments and create something lasting. A photo book or online slideshow of these first meetings makes a wonderful keepsake for you and other family members.

baby picture tiny detailsTiny details

You’ll have plenty of photos of your newborn sleeping (and they will all be adorable). But there are other parts of a newborn that a parent often yearns to remember. Take pictures of these details - they just might end up being your most precious memories:
  • Delicate eyelashes
  • Baby fingers wrapped around your own
  • Tiny toes
  • Your newborn’s head nestled into your neck
  • A grandparent's hand cradling your baby’s head

Getting ready for your newborn

As you’re packing your hospital bag and making sure you have your phone charger so you’re ready for all those pictures, don’t forget to make sure you have a pediatrician ready for your newborn as well. You’ll want to be established with a doctor before the baby is born. Schedule a get acquainted visit at Northpoint Pediatrics to meet our doctors, see our office, select your pediatrician and pre-register your baby. We can’t wait to meet you and your little one.

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