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Tips for creating a baby registry

The baby shower. There may or may not be silly games but there will most certainly be fun, smiles and gifts!

Have you thought about what you want and need for your new baby? Walking into the store or studying the pages of Amazon can be overwhelming for a first-time parent. You might be asking, “How can you possibly choose when there are so many choices?” Indianapolis pediatricians seeing patients at Northpoint Pediatrics have some advice as you prepare for the birth of your new baby.

What do you need for new baby?

Tips for creating a baby registry

Whether your registry is completely online or you walk the aisles of a nearby store, we have four things to keep in mind as you create your baby registry.

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1. Do your research.

The Internet is your go-to resource to figure out which stroller best fits your lifestyle, which breast pump works best and which baby monitor you’ll like the most. Spend some time reading articles and “mommy blogs.” Check out the customer reviews for items you’re considering. Compare features and price tags and honestly consider how things fit in your lifestyle. A baby registry doesn’t need to have hundreds of items, it just needs to have the right items for you and your growing family.

2. Ask for big and small ticket items.

registering for a baby showerThere are some major pieces of furniture and equipment that you’ll need for that new baby:
  • car seat
  • crib
  • stroller
  • baby monitor
Don’t be afraid to place these items on your registry. Often people like to go in together to buy a gift for the new family and these larger items are the perfect opportunity.

At the same time, don’t forget to add small items to the registry:
  • diapers - various sizes
  • crib sheets
  • baby wash cloth and towel
  • infant nail clippers
These are the things you’ll use each and every day. You’ll get a lot of use from them, and in some cases you’ll need more than one of them. Your family and friends want to help make your life with the new baby easier and these smaller gifts will make a big impact.

3. Don't forget babies grow up; ask for things beyond the first few months.

Yes, those newborn clothes are adorable and you might have an infant who fits in them for a while. You might also have an infant that comes home from the hospital in a 3-6 month size sleeper. Ask for clothes in all sizes - and all seasons! Just because your baby is born in the winter doesn’t mean you won’t need summer clothes in a few months.

Think about the baby’s growth cycle as well. They’re going to need bibs and soft spoons. Cups that’s don’t spill. Toys they can grab and pull and push. Story books. Bath toys. Look beyond the newborn months and add things to your registry that you’ll use for the baby’s first year of life.

4. Talk to friends.

There may be no better resource than your fellow moms when it comes to knowing what is useful and what can be done without. Ask your friends with children what items they use the most often and add those to your registry. Ask their opinions on the stroller you’re reviewing - they just might think of something you wouldn’t even know to consider.

Here’s an item to add to your list: Find a pediatrician.

When it’s time to make the registry, it’s also time to get established with your new pediatrician. Meeting your pediatrician beforehand lets you ask questions, see the office and learn how it works. You’ll feel more comfortable in the hospital when you know more about the doctor examining your precious baby. At Northpoint Pediatrics, we have a special “Get Acquainted” visit that gives you and one of our pediatricians time together before your newborn arrives. After your visit, you'll be able to pre-register your baby and select a pediatrician when you're ready.
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