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Avoiding holiday food traps

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a few holiday treats, healthy eating habits are important all year long. Wondering how you balance good nutrition with overloaded holiday tables and gatherings? We’ve got some helpful tips for you.

Child helping to make holiday cookies
Traveling for the holidays? Visiting with friends or family? It can be hard to keep a healthy diet when you are eating away from home. Hard… but not impossible. Take some time to plan ahead. Eating at a restaurant? Split an entree so your portions are reasonable. Use a smaller plate to avoid taking too much of those overindulgent holiday offerings at grandma’s house. You don’t have to say no to holiday meals, just exercise some portion control and you can enjoy the holidays without too many consequences the next day.

When you’re at a holiday party remember that you should be watching your plate and the plate of your child. Make sure all of you include some fruits or veggies on that plate - volunteer to bring them as your contribution to the gathering! You can also eat a healthy snack before going to the party, it will make sure you get some of those needed nutrients and dampen your appetite before you see those trays of cookies and fudge.

Use the holidays as a time to show your children the importance of a healthy balance. Go ahead and have some of your aunt’s special fudge. Then take a family walk after dinner to stay physically active. Plan ahead and on the morning of your family holiday dinner get everyone out for some play time or have a dance party before you leave home. Staying physically active is just as important as watching what you put on your plate.

The bottom line
We are all likely to splurge a bit over the holidays. And that’s okay! The important thing is to remember that one day of splurging doesn’t equal an entire week (or month) of treats! Return to your normal healthy habits the next day - you and your children will be happier and healthier for it.

And if your child gets sick
Winter holidays are also the season when we see an increase in the common cold, flu or other viruses. This time of year our same day appointments are a huge benefit to many families. Locations & hours.

For home care advice
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